Alyvant connects patients to therapies that may benefit them through innovative uses of data and technology. Alyvant has entered into copromotion partnerships for branded pharmaceutical products.

The Alyvant Approach

Alyvant uses de-identified patient-level analytics to better understand the nuances of a disease, patterns of physician prescribing, and payer reimbursement. We then turn insights into action through our fit-for-purpose commercial pharmaceutical organization. Our long-range vision is to use technology to reduce the cost of commercializing all medicines, thereby generating savings for the healthcare system at large and helping to ensure that every patient who might benefit from an approved therapy has the opportunity to speak with a physician about appropriate treatment options.

Alyvant’s Technology

Agile Commercial

Our Agile Commercial Platform links physician and de-identified patient-level data, prioritizing engagement with physicians based on number of suitable patients

Smart CRM and
Dynamic App

Our Smart CRM Platform equips the sales force team with real-time, actionable, physician-level insights delivered directly to their mobile phones

Patient Finding
and Activation

By linking de-identified healthcare data to de-identified consumer data we are able to build better consumer profiles for more targeted digital outreach

Alyvant is currently pursuing partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotech companies

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